GammaSwap Docs

How to Swap

Guide to making a swap on DeltaSwap, the first feeless swap DEX
To navigate to the swap page, click on the "Trade" button and select "Swap" on the dropdown.
Navigate to Swap Page
To make a swap, you must decide the token you would like to provide for the swap and the token you would like to receive.
The token you pay is on the top and the token you receive is on the bottom.
In the dropdown menu on the right side of the "You Pay" and "You Receive" input box, you can select a token by ticker or token address.
Search Token by clicking dropdown
The tokens available for swapping are only DeltaSwap pools not other AMMs.
You can use the input box to manually add an amount to swap in the pay token or alternatively click "Balance" under the token dropdown to swap the max amount. The interface will automatically calculate the amount of tokens received based on the current AMM price as reflected in the "You Receive" box.
Finally, you can also switch the payout and receipt token using the "Switch" button in between the input boxes.
Adding swap balance
Once you have chosen your preferred swap tokens and amount, you should be able to execute the swap. Before approving the tokens and confirming the transaction, you can check the details on the swap by clicking the dropdown above the main approve button.
Above the Approve/Confirm button, you can find more information on the trade.
  • The expected output in the receipt token which is automatically generated in the "You Receive" box
  • The price of the quote token in terms of the receipt token. In this case, 1 WETH = 2,270.30 USDC
  • The network fee, which is the gas on the associated chain.
  • Price Impact, which is the expected slippage based on the liquidity in the pool. DeltaSwap charges no swap fees so there is no additional price impact from protocol fees. There are taxes that can be applied if the trade is large and liquidity is low to protect borrowers, however.
  • Slippage Tolerance, this is the maximum amount of slippage the user will accept. It is automatically set to 0.5% but can be adjusted in the setting menu available in the gear icon.
To set your slippage tolerance, click on the gear icon in top right corner and select your preferred slippage amount.
Set your slippage parameters
Remember, as a safety feature many wallet require you to "Approve" token balances before confirming. The GammaSwap interface button will show "Approve" instead of confirm if this is the case.
Clicking "Confirm" swap once the tokens are approved will send a transaction authorization pop up to your wallet.
Confirm the popup and you should receive the receipt tokens in your wallet once the transaction is successful! 🥳