Creating a Pool

How to create a GammaPool

A user can create a pool using any ERC-20 token pair on DeltaSwap, Uniswap V2 or Sushiswap V2. To create a pool, simply click on the "Create Pool" button below available on the Earn page.

Once you are on the "Create Pool" page, you must select with AMM you would like to create a GammaPool for.

Once you've chosen your AMM, you can choose your "Base Token" and "Quote Token". In a WETH/USDC pool, the first token WETH would be your base token and USDC would be the quote token. Select two tokens by the white listed token symbols in the dropdown or by pasting in the token address.

If the AMM pool exists (such as a WETH/USDC pool on UniV2) but there is no pool in GammaSwap, the protocol will create a GammaPool for the existing AMM pool. If the GammaPool already exists, the UI will navigate you directly to the existing pool.

If neither the GammaPool nor the AMM pool exist, then the protocol will create both a GammaPool and an AMM pool for the corresponding chain.

Enter the two tokens in a 50:50 ratio. Make sure they are the same value using other liquidity venues as a resource or third parties like Coingecko. Once ready simply approve both tokens and then "Confirm".

Once you've created the pool, you will have a pool address to copy. To navigate to the pool, simply paste the address in the search bar. Make sure to wait a few minutes for the subgraph to update.

Congratulations you've successfully created a GammaPool! 🎉

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