How to Calculate PnL

Calculating the PnL of a Perpetual Option position

Calculating PnL for a Long, Short or Straddle

To understand your payoff for a specific pool, simply navigate to that pool, enter a deposit in the preferred trade position and see your PnL on the left hand side.

Simply hover over the chart to see the price change % and the associated PnL change. It will also show the adjusted values based on the price of the market in the AMM and the PnL in dollars based on your trade position. If you increase your leverage, the returns will increase but your time to liquidation will also shorten. To see the payoff of a Long or Short, simply navigate to that trade position in the Trade Tool on the right.

To see further details on your trade like Projected LTV, Opening Cost, Delta, Borrow Fees (24h) adjusted after your trade simply click the dropdown.

The PnL chart will also take into account your opening cost but it doesn't account for borrow fees.


There is also a built in calculator to calculate all of the position details and see your PnL based on a predetermined exit price.

To navigate to the calculator, click on this button at the top right of the trade tool for the specific market you are interested in.

Once you are on the calculator pop up, put in your ideal trade position, deposit size and exit price. You can then see all of the position details and your PnL for the specific exit price (not accounting borrow fees).

As you increase the Leverage, notice how your PnL increases but your Time to Liquidation decreases.

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