Add Tokens To Your Wallet

How to view your tokens in your wallet

Ethereum supports many tokens on the chain and there are hundreds of thousands of them. Any new wallet install will not automatically recognize all of them. If your wallet is not displaying a certain token, you need to give the token details to the wallet. Here is how you do it in MetaMask.

  1. Open your wallet and click on “Import Tokens”.

  1. If it is a well known token, you can use MetaMask’s token search to find it. In this example, you can type in USDC, click the USDC token in the search results and then click “Next”.

  1. Finally click on “Import tokens” and you’re done.

  1. If the token is new or not recognized by MetaMask's token search, you can input the address manually. In this screenshot, you can manually enter the contract address for USDC, and the remaining boxes will be filled in automatically.

  1. To locate a token's contract address, you can retrieve it from the DeFi protocol's documentation or a token browsing platform like CoinGecko. On CoinGecko, after you've located the desired token, it displays the address at the top-right corner of the token's page. You can click there to copy the address. Alternatively, if you've linked your wallet with CoinGecko, you can click the MetaMask Fox icon to add it automatically.

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