Approve Tokens

How to approve tokens for transactions

Before you can perform an action on GammaSwap or on any DeFi site, you need to grant access to move some or all of your tokens. The safest, and the highly recommended way, is to only approve the amount you need to currently spend. You have the option of approving infinite tokens, but it is considered less secure, as it gives the specific DeFi contract the ability to move all your coins at once. If you simply want to execute a few transactions, only approving a specific amount will maximize the security of your assets.

  1. There's no need to pre-approve in advance. When you're ready to initiate a transaction on GammaSwap, if a token needs approval, you'll see an "Approve" button. As shown in this screenshot for USDC on GammaSwap.

  1. MetaMask will then ask you to confirm the amount you want to authorize. Enter the amount you want to approve and then click β€œNext” and then β€œApprove” the translation to send it.

  1. That concludes the process. If you were trying to do a trade or perform another action on GammaSwap, look for the β€œConfirm” button. After confirming, proceed to execute the transaction through MetaMask.

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