Farming esARB via Liquidity Mining

Earning esARB incentives

The following pools will be eligible for 300k esARB from June 5th to September 2nd.

  • weETH/USDC



  • weETH/WBTC

View Available Farms

To view all available farms, navigate to the "Earn" dropdown and click "Farm". You can see all of the pools with esARB incentives, total GammaSwap LP tokens staked (earning rewards) and the total supply of GammaSwap LP tokens in the pool.

Additionally you can see the APY including supply fees and rewards broken down if you hover over the APY value.

Current Liquidity Providers

If you are a current liquidity provider, you must stake your GammaSwap LP tokens to start earning esARB rewards in addition to the supply fees. To stake your LP tokens, navigate to the appropriate farm page for the pool and click "Stake" on the staking section of the farm page.

Now simply choose the amount of GSLP you would like to stake.

New Liquidity Providers

If you are a new liquidity provider to a pool with esARB incentives, the protocol will autostake your LP position once you provide liquidity. You can confirm by checking your position after you provide liquidity. If the position appears as a "Staked Position", it means the LP tokens were autostaked after you provided liquidity in the corresponding farm contract.

You can also confirm the stake amount on the "Farm" page.

Unstaking Positions

To withdraw liquidity, you must first unstake on the farm page and then withdraw your liquidity from the pool. If you are receiving a message like this, it means you still need to unstake before withdrawing liquidity.

Simply navigate to the corresponding farm pool and click on "Unstake" on the "Farm" page

then click 100% to unstake your whole LP position.

After unstaking, you can withdraw your liquidity on the pool page by clicking withdraw.

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