Introduction to esARB

A description of escrowed ARB incentives

Escrowed ARB (esARB) is a non-transferable ERC-20 token that can be vested linearly into $ARB over 180 days. It is meant to drive stickier liquidity and to use incentives more efficiently. GammaSwap will be using a similar distribution model for it's own governance token, $GS so the esARB incentives distributed through the LTIPP program are an early, scaled back version of what liquidity mining will be for $GS. Article on GammaSwap Tokenomics here.

Staking Rewards

You can stake GammaSwap LP tokens in staking vaults for pools that have available farms to earn esARB. If you are a new liquidity provider, the LP position will be autostaked in the rewards vault. If you were an LP before incentives started, you will have to stake your LP position manually. Full guide on rewards below.

pageFarming esARB via Liquidity Mining

Vesting Rewards

To convert esARB into ARB, you can vest your esARB linearly over 180 days in the corresponding vesting vault. It will require you to reserve your GammaSwap LP tokens in the staking vault. The GammaSwap LP tokens are not locked and can be redeemed at any time as long as you withdraw from the vesting vault. The reserved LP tokens is calculated as a time weighted average based on how much liquidity was used to earn the esARB. This is calculated directly in the smart contracts. Full guide on vesting below.

pageVesting esARB

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