Vesting esARB

Converting escrowed ARB to liquid ARB

Claiming esARB

To claim your esARB incentives, simply click on the "Claim" button in the top right of the respective pool. These ARB rewards are distributed to users who staked their LP tokens in respective pools.

Vesting esARB to ARB

To convert the esARB to ARB, you will have to vest the tokens over a 180 day period. The tokens are vested linearly and can be claimed at any time. Claiming tokens will however restart the vesting schedule.

Reserving LP Tokens

To vest, you will need to have GSLP tokens deposited in the staking contract to reserve them to vest. The GammaSwap smart contracts calculate the historical average amount of GSLP needed to earn the esARB incentives to calculate the reserve amount. This value is provided in the UI.

To vest your esARB, simply click "Vest" on the pool you received the esARB incentives in.

Enter an esARB amount to vest. If the amount of esARB is vestable, you will have the option to vest in the vault.

If you receive a message that says

You don't have enough reserve tokens

then you will need to either increase your reserve tokens (stake more GSLP) or reduce the amount of esARB you would like to vest.

Vesting Details

Once you have vested the esARB, you can see the total amount of esARB vesting, the vesting status (days left), the esARB that is available for vesting (esARB you have claimed that is not vesting), the amount of GSLP reserved for vesting in the pool and the claimable ARB.

Claiming ARB Rewards

You can claim the ARB rewards from the vesting vault at any time by withdrawing just be aware that it will also restart the vesting schedule. To withdraw the "Claimable" ARB, click on the "Withdraw" button.

Once you click on the "Withdraw" button, you can see the ARB that is claimable and the vesting esARB that you will be reclaiming as well by withdrawing.

Unlike vote escrowed token models, there is no "locking" of the tokens. Rewards can be claimed at any time and LP tokens can always be removed from the platform.

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