Gamma Points

GammaSwap Points Program


GammaSwap points are now live on The purpose of the point program is to directly measure how much a user has contributed to the GammaSwap protocol before token based incentives.

The intention is not to have this program open in perpetuity but rather to reward users before real token incentives are live.

The daily point snapshot happens every day randomly.

Points can be earned in multiple ways as described in the sections below. Point distribution is subject to change as new products appear or during temporary promotional periods.


Users can earn points by providing liquidity, borrowing liquidity and referring new users. Certain actions however are more point efficient than others. For example, trading perp options is 2x more point efficient than providing liquidity.

Lending Points

Users will earn 1 point per dollar of liquidity provided across all pools, subject to core team discretion. Snapshots happen daily and occur at random times to avoid mercenary point farming.

The longer you lend and the more liquidity you provide, the more points you will earn.

Borrowing Points

Trading perpetual options (borrowing) drives revenue for the protocol and lenders.

Borrowing is also riskier than providing liquidity since borrowers have to pay a funding rate to the lenders and have directional exposure in the long and short positions. Therefore, borrowers earn 2 points for each dollar of liquidity borrowed.


Users can also earn points through referrals. Users who refer others will get 10% of the points the referred users earn. This includes any points the referred user may earn from their referrals. The more users you refer, the more points you earn.

Retroactive Point Rewards

Point Airdrop

If you minted a Galxe NFT for the Alpha or Beta Testnet, you will have received an airdrop of 1,000 points and a multiplier of 1.5x on total points. For example, if you earn 100 lending points and 100 borrow points, then your total points would increase by 300 (200 * 1.5).

If you interacted with our Alpha Mainnet, you received an airdrop of 10,000 points and a multiplier of 2x on total points.

If you minted a Galxe NFT and participated in the Alpha Mainnet, you received an airdrop of 11,000 points (10,000 + 1,000) and a 3x multiplier on total points moving forward.

Point Multipliers

The multiplier from the Alpha Mainnet and Testnet NFT will last in perpetuity and will apply to each daily point snapshot.

There will also be future multipliers that may last for a limited time to promote a partnership, attract liquidity for certain assets, etc.

If there is a multiplier (like a boost on lending points) above any current multipliers, those multipliers may be reduced to the cap. For example, if you have a 3x multiplier on total points and are earning a 50x for lending in pools, your multiplier in that pool will be only 15x. You are earning 50x in total as that is the multiplier cap for that pool.

Please stay tuned and turn on post notifications for Twitter to be alerted of these promotions.

Leaderboard & Viewing Points

To view your points, navigate to If you opened a position but don’t see your points, wait until the next daily snapshot to see your points update.

In the β€œYour Points” section you can see your rank, lending points, borrow points, referrals, total points and any active multiplier points.

There is also a leaderboard which shows the top 100 accounts in the GammaSwap points program. It is updated daily along with the points snapshot.


Point calculations are not static and the GammaSwap Labs team has the right to modify the terms of the program at any time.


If you have any questions on the point program, please ask the team in Discord and we can point you in the right direction.

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