LRT Points

Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) are liquid ETH staking protocols that are built on EigenLayer, a new infrastrucute layer for Ethereum. EigenLayer supports restaked sidechains where ETH restakers can participate in new consensus protocols which have low latency and high throughput. Restaked nodes can attest they will not build on a chain that does not include a testified block, creating a finality pathway.

It allows ETH validators and stakers to repurpose their ETH in other consensus protocols earning a higher yield. Many people are excited by this innovation and want to get exposure to EigenLayer points and LRT protocols building on top.

In DeFi protocols, you can get leveraged LRT exposure to earn points faster.

In GammaSwap, you can get up to a 65x multiplier in EtherFi Points, EigenLayer points and 2x the notional USD of the total value of the position using a straddle.

For providing liquidity, you will earn some LRT points, supply fees from borrowers and point boosts in GammaSwap - you earn 1 point per USD value of your LP position. The LRT pools currently available are:

  • weETH / WBTC

  • weETH / USDC

EtherFi and EigenLayer points will be tracked retroactively by EtherFi. GammaSwap points will be updated daily via snapshot.

Straddle Point Calculator

To calculate point multipliers for straddles on weETH pools, you can use this calculator here. Note that these strategies are extremely speculative and point calculations can change at any time.

*some calculators are created by community members, others by our intern. Take them with a grain of salt! These are simply meant to estimate potential yields.

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